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Tax money is used, he said, "to support the programs of the government and to help those in need. In remarks to the judge, Bangle said that he was "extremely apologetic over mistakes I made, and am humbled. That was one reason, he said, that he is building a new pizza shop on the boardwalk, to restructure his debt and stretch it out over 20 years.

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Mary called him "her hero," and said he had shown many acts of kindness to employees in need and had supported various civic organizations in Ocean City and the area. When it came time for her sentencing, she told the court she was too distraught after her husband's sentencing to speak on her own behalf. After the four-hour hearing, Charles Bangle declined to comment on whether he would appeal the sentence. Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content.

Haven't seen Manco & Manco pizzeria's popular owner recently? He's in prison

February 24, Related stories. Bangle's wife, Mary, received three years' probation for lying to IRS agents. Still, the judge said, deterrence was needed. When the sentence for her husband was announced, Mary Bangle, 55, gasped and began sobbing. February 24, - 7: Jan Hefler JanHefler jhefler phillynews. Sign Up Morning Newsletter.

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Urging Kugler to be lenient were a parade of clergy, firefighters, and police officers; the head of the Ocean City Pops orchestra; teachers; and former pizza shop employees.

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  • Manco & Manco pizza owner sentenced in N.J. to 15 months for tax evasion.
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Les Cahn, who worked for the ADT security firm, said he gave Charles Bangle his first job in business decades ago and is now amazed when he visits the Shore and watches him at one of the pizza shops, "tossing hundreds of pies in the air. And I wonder if he is going to collapse from exhaustion. He has a hands-on style, in the trenches. Otherwise the rest of you have to make it up with your taxes," Kugler said.

He also said that taxes are needed to pay for schools, fire departments, police, roads, and even the courthouse in which he presides: Kugler also said that he was "mystified as to why [Bangle] was spending millions of dollars building a new restaurant at this time in his life" and had not spent "a penny to pay off the debt to the people of the U. Kugler said court documents showed that Bangle had collected paper bags full of cash from the business and hidden them under pizza boxes.

The U. His attorney, Laurence S.

Manco & Manco Pizza - Ocean City and Somers Point, New Jersey

Shtasel of Philadelphia, requested that the prison term start in September so that Bangle can complete plans to open the new pizza shop on the Ocean City boardwalk and bring in income during the summer. Kugel granted the request. Her parents had operated the first of the three pizza shops on the boardwalk decades ago. The judge said Mary Bangle had a good work history, no criminal record, and a reputation for being a good member of the community. Charles Bangle handled the daily business operations while Mary handled the cash and the payroll, according to the U.

Its Mack & Manco Time