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You must de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services before transferring all Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on Mac De-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

We have the same message. We followed the suggestions below and got a message that to "expand the memory" for Print CD. Is there a new solution for this in Vista? This is a pain! Thanks for the get around this issue, Thanks for the get around this issue,. Select Print from the File menu.

Click Tray, select Tray 2, then click OK. If Tray 2 is not selected, the CD design will print in the wrong position. Click Manual Print. Make sure Epson Stylus Photo R your model is selected. Under Paper, select the following settings: A4 Click Properties. Click OK, then click OK again to print. Posted on Dec 06, Thanks very much been messing about for ages trying to sort it out pity Epson arn't as helpful.

Darryl Thanks very much been messing about for ages trying to sort it out pity Epson arn't as helpful. Much obliged, thanks. Thank you so much, spent hours trying to sort this problem out.

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Works great!!! Many thanks for solving this problem. Works for the R model but don't need to specify the tray. Posted on May 26, I have installed several drivers, but it doesent work.

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Posted on Jan 24, Dear St. I kept a partition for XP just for CD printing. And now, You gave me the solution It works flawlessly. Posted on Mar 22, With Win 7, do the following: Unplug the printer from the USB port, 2. Hook up and power up the printer when prompted by the wizard. After tearing my hair out this worked on both my laptop and desktop.

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Canson Infinity : Epson printer driver Mac

Contact Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: Epson Stylus Photo R Return back to support options for Epson Stylus Photo R How to download drivers and software from the Epson website. If you are intending to install an Epson product, start with the product powered off. Click here to open the Epson homepage.

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Once the Epson homepage has opened click on Support at the top of the page. Scroll down to Find your model Enter the name or the serial number of your Epson product and click Search. Expression Home XP Tip: If your product doesn't appear when you type it in, check that you haven't mis-typed it and try again - check the Epson name on the front of your product. I installed this as well. To be clear, none of this prevented me from using the printer. As long as I was willing to ignore the absence of Color Options, I could print just fine. However, I did not want to just ignore the problem.

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Eventually, I contacted Epson support. They provided the solution. It was one that I should have known, as I had previously confronted a similar situation with my HP laser printer: I needed to switch drivers. Because, as it turns out, for most printers today, you have a choice of two different printer drivers. The first driver is maintained by Apple in conjunction with the printer vendor presumably as part of OS X.

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You can typically identify this driver because it will have -AirPrint at the end of its name, indicating its compatibility with this OS X printing feature. An Apple support article confirmed this: This is why Color Options was missing from my Print dialogs. Adding to the confusion, nothing I found in any printer documentation from Epson made this distinction clear. Assuming you find yourself in this or similar situation, the solution, as stated by Apple, is to switch to the vendor-specific driver.

Select the printer from the Printers list on the left. In the Location section to the right, the Kind item name should end in -AirPrint.

From the pop-up menu that appears, check the Nearby Printers list.