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You must de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services before transferring all Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on Mac De-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

I went to Time Machine and it was also missing from just a couple of the last backups that were done early yesterday evening. I scrolled back to earlier in the day and then found the Documents folder in an earlier backup from the afternoon. So I tried to restore it back. Either I did something wrong maybe not selecting the whole folder or there was a glitch because only a few files restored.

Then after that I couldn't access any documents the few restored or the ones on iCloud drive without getting the following error message "documents cannot be opened because original cannot be found". Now I'm starting to freak out. I rebooted and after that I saw in the sidebar for the icloud documents that it was doing a download, to what I'm not sure.

Turn on Desktop and Documents

I waited for it to complete but afterwards I still could not open the few documents I had restored. I went back to Time Machine to when I first could see the Documents folder in my home directory which was in the afternoon. I tried the restore again and thankfully everything came back up. I still was not given the option from the Finder preferences to add the local documents folder to my favorites.

How to Turn Off iCloud Desktop & Documents on MacOS

The only option was still for the iCloud Drive documents. I was able to drag the Documents folder icon from my Home directory over and it now appears, but to me isn't the way it should work. I'm sorry I ever turned the iCloud Drive on for my documents. Apple really needs to fix the way it operates and make it more like other cloud services. But then again it's Apple and they always have to do things their own way. Similar situation with my father.

He didn't realize he was turning on iCloud synchronization, and after turning it off, discovered that his Desktop was empty probably Documents too, but that wasn't in the worried E-mail message I got this morning. This seems to be the opposite of what one should expect; when turning off this feature, you should at least be given the option of restoring your files to the Desktop and Documents folders. I'm doing "remote tech support" for an octogenarian who isn't very comfortable making any changes to his computer.

Hopefully there is a simple solution that I can talk him through. Jan 22, 9: I have tried like this, System Preferences- iCloud - click options infront of iCloud Drive - deselect desktop and documents folders. Then it will prompt whether to have the copy on local, if you click that it will take you to finder showing the documents folder in iCloud. Just select all using Ctrl A, Copy all, click documents shown under favourites in the side bar, paste all items there. Then we can delete the documents from iCloud. I have all my files on Mac now. Oct 4, 3: Thanks Eric.

How to Disable iCloud Desktop & Documents on Mac

I got it working last night. If you look at my reply to Steve you'll see what I did. There's got to be an easier way. Page content loaded. Oct 4, 1: Have you tried dragging the documents to your Desktop to make a copy? When they are all copied to the Desktop, turn off documents syncing and then create a new Documents folder in your user. Then copy the data to that folder. Oct 5, 2: Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem or a suggestion for change.

Oct 5, 7: Dec 24, 8: Seriously, these days, windows 10 seems way easier to use, I did the same mistake, turned that thing on, but I got my music plugin that stores samples in documents sent in icloud drive, so everytime I open a project with my DAW, with a third party plugin on, it can't reach the samples it needs, making the operation taking forever.

Now i did untick documents and desktop to be saved in icloud drive, but it says everytime, that it will store it in the cloud. Anyway I tried to drag the document folder from icloud to user, it prompt me to authenticate, so what I do, and then nothing happen. The only way is to copy and paste, but now its telling me, that there is not enough storage on my hard drive, nothing happened since I have upgraded to sierra, I have saved nothing new.

So the only explanation I can find is, maybe the sierra OS backup boot, is taking the few extra GB I need to put back my documents folder, but it doesnt seem logical considering the chronological order the actions were made. Anyway Apple, Apple, Apple, you are giving me headache, between your non logical improving just marketing based , and the bad quality of you battery that did expand in two of my macs, and two of my iphones. Fortunately, my lovely ipad havn't experienced that yet ipad being the only thing I got no complaint about.

Has all good old Apple engineers and designers moved to microsoft, cos they didnt get pay rise? Anyway that is just sad. Dec 26, 9: Do the same thing for Desktop with Desktop2 folder. Then disable iCloud sync.

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Switch to local Documents2. Move all files from Documents2 to Documents, and from Desktop2 to Desktop. Delete empty Documents2 and Desktop2 folders those where temporary folders anyway. A question for GregM. Apple support put me in iCloud and I want out. Currently the Documents and Desktop are shown under iCloud in the Finder window.

Other folders they did not snatch documents, apps, pictures, etc are listed under Favorites. I like your idea of making local Documents2 and Desktop2 folders. On Mojave. This is obviously over my head! Thanks for this. I loathe iCloud Drive. I have ZERO files on my hard drive and need to download all of them again. What happened to the Apple I used to love? And so did the best part of Apple.

I lost data due to the poor implementation of iCloud Drive. It pisses me off! What The Heck? My desktop on iCloud? Apple has the ability to hand over my desktop papers to felonious government employed mafia? Yet Apple is giving it all away. I would have preferred knowing about this before upgrading to Mohave. I got ripped off and left in the Apple Desert. Apple has made a turn for the worse.

I wake up and my desktop is on the cloud.

How to Disable iCloud Desktop & Documents on Mac

No Nope, na-uh. I agree completely, I do not like the idea of iCloud Desktop or iCloud Documents for many reasons, privacy included, but for many of us our internet connections are not even fast enough to be able to support such a cloud feature. Apple is in a bubble designing for their own executives bubble. The USA is far behind in broadband, trying to create services that depend on reliable fast broadband is incredibly presumptuous, not rooted in reality or data, and very user hostile.

Likewise having tiny hard drives in the Macs is very user hostile, they have been shrinking the hard drive space for years which is lunacy. When I accidentally clicked the iCloud Desktop thing, it started trying to upload about 4gb of documents in carefully arranged desktop folders. It totally messed things up. I had to disable it and then it was trying to download and upload from iCloud. I hope I did not lose any documents in that process. Another failed cloud example is I tried using iCloud backup to restore an iPhone one time, 64gb model with about 50gb used, and the time estimate was 14 hours — and of course it failed.

Not reliable. I have been a Mac user since and the company is more frustrating and confused today than ever before. Please, everyone who is reading this thread and is disgusted with this situation, take a moment to post a comment on iCloud feedback and let them know they need to remedy this ASAP or feel some hurt.

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  • The trouble with Desktop and Documents enabled for iCloud Drive | Macworld?
  • I have Norton antivirus and I learned that I have some type of Cloud capacity but not sure how much nor where to see the files on the Norton backup capacity nor do I see any symbol to the effect of the Norton capacity. Any ideas of what to do? Also, I can not update OS beyond I am in Monterrey, N. Wow, why the hell would apple make that the default?! To remove all the files from the local mac to be stored exclusively on the cloud when you turn it on. Apple is rapidly becoming the most evil company in the world. Yes, absolutely agree!

    How To Recover Deleted iCloud Files From Your Mac or iOS Device

    Also Mac running slow constantly and suspect the whole system is up to no good now. I have lost faith in Apple. The worse thing is that I did not enable iCloud Drive, but when I visited the apple store, due to slow problems, the genius advised me to do so. I too received the out of icloud room. I would like to get rid of it, and the instructions are very good, except for I cannot find a Desktop on my computer. Only icloud.

    Is it hidden somewhere? This is downright evil! It deletes all my files if I want to turn iCloud off?! This is clearly to stop people from turning it off. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Jane says: July 6, at 5: Cindy Cooper says: July 6, at 6: Ogles of Kansas says: July 7, at 8: BossMan says: Michael Brussow says: July 7, at Ed Gould says: July 8, at 3: Graham P says: November 12, at July 8, at 6: Briar says: July 10, at 5: Philip Earvolino says: August 16, at 8: Danny Nguyen says: September 4, at 5: Julio says: September 6, at 2: Simon Elwell says: September 7, at Uhlman says: September 18, at 8: KImie says: October 27, at 4: Linh says: November 21, at 1: December 17, at 6: Martin Putnam says: January 7, at 8: January 8, at 8: Lee says: January 16, at Chrismo says: January 23, at 6: OITN says: Jorge says: July 5, at 8: James Tea says: January 27, at 6: MarcG says: February 22, at 3: Emily says: March 18, at Simon says: May 9, at 9: Natalie T says: September 7, at 8: David says: February 8, at Mandy says: April 1, at 6: GregM says: August 11, at 7: PatE says: November 6, at 4: Dami says: April 11, at 6: Rob says: May 31, at 7: Jello says: July 30, at 7: Woino says: July 31, at 9: Henrik Manoochehri says: August 26, at 4: Patrick W.

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