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You must de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services before transferring all Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on Mac De-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

The Kyrgyz Embassy Hi there. Outlook started asking for user name and password few days ago. It has been working for several years now. I have done everything step by step. Changed password, removed account and installed again. Result is the same it insists for user name and password with the pop up. Meanwhile all firewall and antivirus issues are rulled out. I can install other gmail account with no problem on my Outlook.

What might be the reason. I am out of options, please help. I am running win 8. Kindest regards. Learn More. Hi Arvin, Tried activating 2 step verification and app dedicated password.

I can't connect to my Exchange account in Outlook for Mac

I can install other gmail account with no problem on my Outlook In that case, it's possible your Gmail account may have been compromised. Please go to the following link in a web browser: Are you able to? If not, then you will likely need to reset your password on that account. I did note you mention earlier that you tried changing your password so the difficulties you're having don't make sense to me.

My only other suggestion would be to remove the account from Outlook and go through the steps I've listed 1 by 1 without missing any of the steps at all. Recheck that everything is as per my article. It has to work - it's worked for me to fix password related errors dozens of times now. Finally, if still unable to connect, temporarily disable both Firewall and Antivirus apps when you try to connect the first time.

Also, please confirm if these are "Free" or paid "G-Suite" Gmail accounts.

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The process may be a little different on G-Suite accounts. Let me know how you go. Dear Andrew, Thank you for taking your time and addressing my issue. All the steps you advised were followed letter by letter. Changed password when problem started. I can log in.

I can't connect to my Exchange account - Outlook for Mac

The fact that I can install other gmail account with no problem sortes out firewal and anti virus issue. Yet tried with Anti Virus and firewall turned off - did not help either. It is free account. Is there any possibility that gmail could block my POP account?

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I have increased this period to 15 mins. Is there known or safe time allocated? If this is the case - how I check this and unblock. All steps as per your noted are followed. Problem persists. Pop up comes and asks for user name and password. Error it gives as follows: Needles to repeat my user name and pass are OK, I can login via browser. Receiving' reported error 0xCCC Verify your user name and password in your account properties.

How to fix Outlook keeps on asking for username and password [Fix]and can not connect to gmail[Fix]

Under Tools, click E-mail accounts. The server responded: Perhaps I should note that I am it professional with 17 years experience. On a daily bassis we are installing many accounts. This problem seems to be related to this specific account. Any advise to solve would be verry appreciated. Kindest regards, Arvin. Hi Arvin, Perhaps I should note that I am it professional with 17 years experience. Yes, that is useful to know. It changes the amount of detail I need to include in my replies to you, so thanks for advising me of that. Yes, that's always possible, but I can't think of a reason GMAIL would do that unless the account was used for sending spam or you were infected with Malware at some stage.

It's also possible that Gmail account has been compromised at some point in the recent past and used to Spam with. I note that you've already changed your password on the problematic account, so that's a wise precaution. As you've probably already discovered, Gmail Support for free accounts is next to useless - there is no direct email support for free Gmail accounts, only for paid G-Suite accounts. That said, you can get in touch with them by using the following method: Login into the problematic Gmail account with a browser Click the Setting Icon Cog at top right Select the "Send Feedback" option A Send Feedback box will open asking you to "Describe your issue, or share your ideas" Explain your issue in the above box and hit Send.

That's the only method I know of to contact Gmail Support directly.

Don't hold your breath for a speedy response though. I've managed to get some help a couple of times when troubleshooting for clients, but expect any help to include suggestions to switch to a paid G-Suite service if your experience is anything like mine have been. Not that I know of. The 15 minutes you've set it to sounds more than reasonable to me. Assuming that is the issue and that your account has been blocked, then only Gmail support will be able to answer that one for you.

I know of no self-help method to remove a Gmail server block of an account, but I would expect that you would have received an email advising that a block had been placed, so if you didn't, then I doubt that will be the cause. I can't offer any help from the Gmail side - only support can do that so try contacting them in the method I've described above to verify that there isn't a lock on that particular account. To rule out a problem in Outlook itself, I would suggest the following; Create a new Windows user profile on the machine and try setting up the problematic account in outlook on that profile.

That will rule out any Windows and Outlook Profile Issues if you strike the same problem in a fresh Windows profile. If you're successful, however, then you will know that there is an issue with either the Outlook or the Windows profile that you are having difficulties with. The only other suggestion I can think of is to create a new free Gmail account and start again, populating it with the current mail and settings from the problematic account that you can access via a browser.

Apart from those suggestions, I've drawn a blank. Suggest using the Ask a Question feature at Experts Exchange and describe your problem in a question. Look at the Exchange account in the left pane. If there is a problem with the connection, the indicator icon will be orange. If you successfully connected to the account before, try to connect to it from another Exchange application, such as Outlook Web App.

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You can also check the status of the Exchange server by contacting your Exchange server administrator. Contact your Exchange administrator to learn if your account requires an encrypted channel and, if this is the case, verify the setting for this channel. Contact your Microsoft Exchange account administrator. Ask your Microsoft Exchange account administrator to tell you which proxy server to use to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server.

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