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You must de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services before transferring all Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on Mac De-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

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Smart farming: How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century. Agriculture 4. How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of food. Email Print Reddit Instagram. In the two figures above the formula bar has been expanded.

How to display or hide Row & Column Headers in Excel?

When you encounter a cell with more than one line Excel automatically expands the formula bar. No manual intervention required.

I know I was. Your right. In Excel versions for Mac, and , you have to hold the Control and Option keys, then press Enter.

It took me awhile to figure that one out. The process above for all cells isn't available for just one cell or select cells. It applies to the whole sheet.

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  • Showing the formula of just one cell;

Some people work around this by typing a single apostrophe before the formula in the cell. Sometimes people have the Formula bar off. Or, sometimes the sheet is protected from showing formulas. The following steps will help you in these situations. If the above step doesn't work, make sure the sheet is enabled to show formulas.

Mac 2008 Excel Formula bar not docking

To do that:. Under Authoring , click View. Under Show in Workbook , select the Formulas check box. If you still can't see the formula for cells, try unprotecting the sheet or the whole workbook.