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You must de-authorize your Mac from all Apple services before transferring all Click on De-authorise This Computer in iTunes on Mac De-authorise Mac for iTunes on Mac Check out this post to discover all the tricks it has in store for you.

Therefore, data can be accessed almost without delay. Unfortunately, Apple has left no room for a second 2. However, screwdrivers are now available everywhere and thanks to detailed video instructions, the conversion can be carried out by anyone who does not have two left hands. It is only important to take your time for the installation and to proceed carefully. My recommendations were helpful?

Compatible SSDs – Mac mini (2014 – 2017)

Then just say "thank you" with a coffee! Buy me a coffee. Before the built-in hard disk of Mac mini can be replaced by an SSD, we have to think about the available data and the operating system.

The data and settings should of course be saved. There are two different procedures. Once all the backups have been completed, we can proceed with the next step. Before that, however, we shut down the Mac mini, unplug the power plug and other cables and place the Mac Mini on a soft surface e. I bought the following linked mini screwdriver set. So I have all screwdrivers, incl. TR6 SafetyTorx and plastic-spudger, ready.

Mac mini Late 2014 Hard Drive Replacement

Basically, it is recommended to wear an antistatic wrist strap when working within reach of electronic components. Option 1. Clone your drive to the SSD Option 2. Use SSD as a 2nd drive Option 3. We have put these kits together to add to the SSD you buy. Each kit has everything you need depending on how you add your new SSD drive to your Mac. Kits are put together with a discount, it is cheaper to buy a kit than it is to buy the items individually.

Cloning fastest, most convenient and popular Cloning allows you to make an exact copy of current hard drive to the new the SSD. The process is largely automatic and the cloning takes hours depending on the size of your drive. This is a simplified installation example, there are more detailed instructions on the internet. Step 1. Power on your Mac Mini Step 3. Install SuperDuper! Step 4.

Mac mini Late Hard Drive Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

If replacing your hard drive is a job you do not want to do, call us and ask about our cloning and installation service, let us do the work for you. Tools and software you will need for option 1 cloning: Option 2. Here is the thing: If the Mac mini is running OS X For the pre-Late Mac mini models, the EMC number is visible upon removing the bottom "spin off" panel to the right of the memory slots when the ports are facing you.

It is on the bottom of the "Late " and "Late " models toward the ports. As always, EveryMac. Server C2D 2. Server i7 2. Regular "Mid" Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models, which have optical drives, support a single 2. The oddball Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2.

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All "Mid" and "Late " models hold two 2. The non-server "Mid" and "Late " models, which only ship with one hard drive by default, a second hard drive or SSD is supported, but one has to purchase the cable needed to attach the drive to the board before installation is possible. A user from the MacRumors forums first determined that the needed part is referred to as the "Bottom Hard Drive Flex Cable" Apple Part Number and successfully installed a second drive.

More recently, site sponsor Other World Computing began offering a " Data Doubler " upgrade kit for the Aluminum Mac mini models that includes everything needed to perform this upgrade -- the cable, drive bracket, precisely sized screwdrivers and screws -- in one convenient package. However, it is possible to buy this cable later. The current "Late " models have onboard storage and it cannot be upgraded at all after the initial system purchase. To upgrade the memory in the Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models released before and after the Late models, Apple has made it straightforward.

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